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Here at Little Zion we are dedicated to sharing God’s love with your child.  Our focus is to nurture your child in many ways from extending skills in areas of learning:  from the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual sides to helping your children develop the social skills necessary to succeed in kindergarten and beyond.  We nurture children in a supportive, safe environment where children can discover new talents and improve gross and small motor skills.  At Little Zion, we present children with a wide arrange of materials and experiences.  Our children develop confidence in using tools like scissors, glue, crayons and paint that will lead to successful transition into kindergarten.  Our family activities lead to lasting friendships that continue to follow our children through the years.  We feel blessed to have served the Wallingford, North Haven and surrounding communities for the last 25 years.  Please call us or email us to schedule a visit—we look forward to serving your family.

Candace Hoyas, Director