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School Newsletter

From the Director’s Desk


“Well Old Man Winter wasn’t very kind last month but let us hope he shows us some love in February!   In regards to closings, early dismissals, and late openings; our school follows the Wallingford School District’s decisions.  As far as the district's calendar, we follow most of their days off but not all.  That is why we have our own calendar.  If you need an extra one, please tell the office.  Even though all the snowing and blowing in January may have been bothersome, we still got a lot accomplished.  I would like to personally thank you for your donations of winter wear in our Kids Helping Kids campaign.  Many children in the Wallingford area are much warmer this season because of your children’s loving care!   Teaching the children empathy and caring for the community starts at home and your response always humbles me.  Having a connection between our community and school is such an important teaching tool.  Our charity outreach is one aspect that develops empathy, caring, and understanding for others.  Thank you.

The month of February brings s a lot of cool things.  The children and families in the Fours’ Program will be partying at the Sock Hop.  Start looking for your dancing shoes now!  The Wallingford Children’s Librarian is coming to teach us all about the library and the joys of reading on February 7th.  The Dental Hygienist will be coming on two different days to ensure she sees all the groups to teach us about good dental practices.  I am sure we will even get a few goodies!   At the end of January we were pleased to have Metro North’s Educational Specialist come out for a safety program.  The children loved learning about train safety.  All of the children pitched in and made a thank you card for Mrs. Mitchell.   We love to have special visitors in our program.  If you have a special hobby or occupation you would like to share with our school, please let us know.  Last but not least, enrollment has begun.  Please do not wait until last minute as spaces are filling up!  God bless!

~Candace Hoyas



Threes' Program

Happy February Families,

Love is in the air as we welcome the month!   The children have been building such strong friendships and extending their play.  They are sharing more ideas as they build, scoop, and “cook”.  The children are also moving out of their comfort zones, choosing to play with different children, in different areas and incorporating new ideas.  This is an exciting time in their play/social development.  As a way to enhance this, we will be working on adding feeling words into our curriculum during the month of February, helping children express positive and negative emotions appropriately.  All of these emotions are healthy and normal.  We will be helping the children find the right words at the right time through role playing, modeling, and verbal support.

In February, the children will have a visit from the Dentist and learn about the importance of caring for their teeth.  They will also learn about staying healthy and washing hands to stop the spread of germs.  This month’s cooking class, we will make strawberry shortcake to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Yum!  Show and Tell will be on the 13th.  Please help your child pick out something that they love and bring it in.  The children will be making Valentine’s Day bags and will have the opportunity to exchange valentines with one another.  Please send in your Valentines by the 13th so we can celebrate.  There is a list of the children on the top of the monthly calendar.  Please see us if you need another.

It is going to be a wonderful month full of exciting learning from our community visitors to our Valentine surprises.  Please make sure you are checking on Facebook and Instagram to see what we are doing.  We try to post as often as possible.  We truly love your support and comments.

~Mrs. Boisvert, Mrs. Passariello and Mrs. Hoyas



2018-2019 Enrollment is filling fast 

   Many of you have registered but if you have not done so , you are strongly encouraged not to wait.  You may not get the days and times you want if you delay.  Enroll soon!  See the office for more information. 







Fours' Program....


Welcome to February family and friends,

The month of February has a lot of wonderful things the children will be doing.  The most highly celebrated will be the sock hop at the end of the month!  The children have been practicing the dances and just love them!  We encourage you to get into the spirit and come ready to dance.  They will love to teach you how do to the Stroll, the Ball and the Jack, the Limbo, and many more classics!

While we do love a good party and dancing the day away, we are still working hard!  The children continue to work on letter recognition and sound with each letter of the week.  In an effort to get ready for Kindergarten we are sending home some homework for review once a week.  This will help support either letter or number learning.  Please help your child with these assignments and remind them to bring them back in.  Establishing good homework habits early is so important.  All the papers we send home are items we have covered in class and are only review.  During the month of February we will be concentrating on the letters L, V, Z, and S.  We will also work on measuring with common units like rulers, uni cubes and tape measures.  We will make estimated guesses and observe graphs.  Our number focus will be on 9 and 10.

February gives us the time to celebrate our love of friendship.  Each child will be making a special bag on the window with their name to hold Valentines.  If you would like to bring in valentines to share, all names were included on the class calendar.  Please bring them in before February 14th and help your child put them in the bags at drop off.  We will have a special Valentine treat on the 14th.  We will also have two special community visitors during the month.  On the 14th, the Wallingford Librarian is coming to teach us all about her love of books.  On February 23rd the Dentist will be coming in to teach the class all about proper tooth brushing and dental health.

It is going to be a wonderful month together.  There is always a lot of love here at Little Zion!

~Mrs. Hayes, Mrs. Ryan, Mrs. Cappucci, Mrs. Cyr, & Mrs. Flynn.


Show and Tell    ~   February 28th  

   Please help your child pick out their favorite stuffed animal to bring in on February 28th.  


Fours’ Annual Sock Hop

2/15  Please send in your response of how many are attending.

2/23   Join us at the Sock Hop here at 5:30pm.  There will be cheese pizza for dinner (it is lent) and we will make yummy ice cream sundaes for dessert.   In between we will be kicking up our dancing shoes.  Poodle skirts, rolled up jeans, white t-shirts…. Any 50’s attire will work.  We can’t wait to see you!





Enrichment Clubs....

Welcome to February Families,

In January we had so much fun learning all about Winter and creating our very own winter wonderland. We made a snowstorm in a jar, snow-dough, and edible snowflakes. Clubs has been blessed with continued enrollment; and I am so grateful for the opportunity to meet new children and get to know their personalities and interests. February will begin our community helper month! We’ll learn all about who a community helper is and what they do. Each week will have a special theme regarding one of the many community heroes we see every day. Looking forward to a fun-filled month of learning and play, see you all soon!   ~ Mrs. Rosa


Science Program....

Puddle Duck Adventures!

Get ready to learn all about the Human Body in Puddle Ducks!! February is going to be exciting from the inside out!!  The children will experience our body’s organs and systems through hands-on exploration.  We will begin by studying our skeletal system and muscles.  The children will learn what exercise does to and for us! During our study on the circulatory system, we will “see” how our heart beats.  We will also study how our lungs work as a part of the respiratory system.  Finally, the class will learn about the foods that make our bodies grow strong!  We will witness digestion and duplicate the process using vinegar and bread!   Don’t miss these awesome hands on activities in Puddle Ducks!!

~Mrs. Passariello, Mrs. Cyr, Mrs. Flynn & Mrs. Rosa


Important Dates to remember:


2/10 Bring a Friend… Open House.

2/14 Valentine’s Day

2/19 & 2/20 Presidents Day vacation break.  Little Zion is closed

2/23  Fours’ Sock Hop at 5:30pm.