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School Newsletter

From the Director's Desk.....

The School year is off to a wonderful start and the children have settled into the school routine nicely. Please remember to sign in and out each day. Many of our families have already checked out our Facebook page and are actively looking, but I want to make sure all of you know that we frequently post exciting pictures and videos of what is happening in our school. I never post a child’s name in the interest of security, but I would love to hear your responses. Make sure you share your thoughts! Our Instagram page is also very active, and I do try to post during the day as much as possible so you can feel like you can see what is happening in “real time”. Don’t forget to like us, friend us, and spread the word! We do have one or two spaces still available.
The month of October is going to be a busy one. We need your help! Please plan on making a scarecrow for our Scarecrow Festival. We will have a “Building a Scarecrow Day” here at the Preschool from 10am to 12pm to help you. Start coming up with an idea and saving items like clothing. You can also make a scarecrow at home. Our school has wooden “T” frames to hang the scarecrows on, but you can use other way’s to display them if you like. These frames are available now. All scarecrows must be brought to the school on Saturday, October 13th between 9:30-12pm. We will be putting them outside. Our Scarecrow Festival will be the following Saturday!
Our first fundraiser has begun this month and it is one of our tried and true ones ~ Lyman Pies and Butter Braids. All money raised will be going towards enhancing our learning environment in an efforts to purchase Smartboards.
Lastly, do you know what an amazing blessing it is to come to school each day? The children are happy and learning. The teachers are an exceptional group of educators. I get to teach, play, and worship our Lord with all of them. God bless Little Zion School! Thank you for your greetings each morning, your support, and all you do to be involved in your child’s life. Happy October~
~Candace Hoyas



Threes' Program

Happy October Threes’ Families,
The Threes’ group is off to a wonderful start! The children have gotten to know each other’s names through the month of September and have started to learn our routine. It was also nice to meet a few new friends as well as to welcome some younger siblings to Little Zion! What a great transition everyone has made to school!
The month of October will provide a lot opportunities for us to get ready for our Barnyard Dance coming up in November. Do not worry if there are days when a craft does not come home, we will be saving fall themes for decorations. Some of the themes we will be making this upcoming month will be fall leaves, pumpkins, barns, and crows. We won’t just be doing crafts this month because the season of fall is all about science. We plan on opening a pumpkin to see what is inside. There will be scooping and using our five senses to explore. Cooking is a great way to learn. In our class we feel it is an important way to teach. At the end of the month we will be making our Piggies in a Blanket. Yum! You will not have to pack a lunch on this day, you will just need to pack a drink and a few sides.
One of the major skill focuses we will have for the month of October will be on writing and holding a writing utensil with a three point grip. This is the first part of learning how to write and it is the most important foundation you can help support your child. If you see your child coloring at home and they have a fist grip, remind them to use the “alligator pinch” those are the words we use”. It is hard to unlearn a habit, it is easier to learn the correct grip. Please help us set your child up for success! Other ways to build hand strength for fine motor and writing skills include practice cutting, playdough use, and puzzles. You may also notice we comment on a child’s “pressure. This refers to how much your child pushes down on the paper. We often have a child write with a crayon to help them practice the correct amount of pressure for writing. This is all part of the process and we are so glad to help your little one grow! The children are doing wonderful things each day! It is just the beginning!
~Mrs. Boisvert, Mrs. Passariello, and Mrs. Hoyas







Preschool 4s' & Pre-k Programs....

Greeting Families,
Autumn has arrived and the children cannot wait to fall into some fantastic learning experiences. They are doing a great job learning our daily routine and following our school rules. The children have done a wonderful job learning the letters A, Z, and D. We will continue to review them as we move on to F, X, C, and N. In addition to the letter of the week, the class will continue to work on number writing 0, 1, 2, and 3. We do a lot of work throughout the day and want you to be able to see the work we send home. Please send in a folder so the papers come home without being crumbled in a ball. Beginning this month we will also be sending occasional home homework. This is to help your child get used to doing homework for Kindergarten but more importantly, to strengthen the skill we are developing in class. We will be talking to all the children in class and they will know there are special stickers (scratch and sniff, foam, etc.) they will receive when they return their homework. Please join us in helping your child build these much needed academic skills for Kindergarten and beyond!
During Jesus Time we will be learning about the power of prayer and faith. The children will also learn about biblical people like King Xerxes and Noah. Last month the children loved learning about and responding ot the stories of Abraham, Zacchaeus, and Daniel. We love answering their questions and listening to their views.
Lastly, thank you for your interest in our Enrichment Clubs! It is great to see them growing and the children are having a blast with Mrs. Rosa. Drop-in classes are available. Check out her calendar or stop by the office. God Bless and we can’t wait to see your scarecrows!
~Mrs. Hayes, Mrs. Ryan, Mrs. Cappucci, Mrs. Cyr & Mrs. Carter.



Enrichment Clubs....

Welcome October Little Zion Families,
Clubs is off to a great start. In September we learned about ourselves, our families, friends, and our five senses. The children created self portraits, family trees, and friendship bracelets. Working together and sharing ideas while learning they can make a difference was the focus of everything we did in clubs this past month, and boy, did the children love it!
October brings us the season of fall and makes us more aware of what is happening around us. With that thought, we will be talking a little about the community helpers we run into while we have some fall fun. We will discuss different occupations and why they are important to us. Clubs will spend time talking about how many different professionals keep us safe and the cool jobs they have. We will also be exploring the changing weather. A few STEAM activities we have planned will include candy corn catapults, geoboard pumpkins and leaf science experiments. Please feel free to inquire to try clubs as a drop in for any activity that seems interesting, we would love to have you! ~Mrs. Rosa


Science Program....

Puddle Duck Adventures!

Happy Autumn Puddle Duck Families,
Welcome to October, Puddle Ducks. This month we’re excited to investigate fall and forests. We’re going to examine the most autumnal icon, the pumpkin. We’ll dissect it, and discover what’s inside. We’ll scrutinize seeds in an effort to figure out how they get from their parent plant to new places to sprout. We’ll look at leaves, and explore why they change colors in the fall. Finally we’ll celebrate Halloween with some spooky science experiments. It’s going to be a ton of fun, and we can’t wait to share it with all of you.

~Mrs. Carter, Mrs. Passariello, Mrs. Rosa & Mrs. Hoyas


Important Dates to remember:

Oct.1: Lyman Pies & Butter Braids Fundraiser Begins
Oct 6 & Oct 7: Come visit us at the Celebrate Wallingford
Oct 10: Wallingford Fire Department
Visiting @ 10:30am.
Oct 11: Wallingford Fire Department
Visiting @ 10:30am.
Oct 13: Building a Scarecrow Day 10am-12pm
All Scarecrows must be delivered by and outside by 12pm to be eligible for the Preschool contest.
Oct 20: Scarecrow Festival 10am-3pm.
Oct 29: Parent /Teacher Conferences
Oct 30: Parent /Teacher Conferences