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Enrichment Clubs

What is an enrichment club?

Enrichment Clubs

We are proud to announce the new Enrichment Club programs at Little Zion Preschool.  These clubs offer children who are interested in different topics a fun, educational club experience to build their knowledge in an age friendly way.  Each club has hands on activities and a greater theme focus then we can provide in a typical day.  This is beneficial for parents who may need extended hours, allowing for that traditional Preschool experience but with hours that work for more families.

We are also offering these clubs for an hour each day for Kindergartners.  It is hard to say good bye to their friends and the fun they had here at Little Zion Preschool and now you do not need to.  These clubs will take the skills they are learning in Kindergarten and provide fun filled activities based on the arts, sports and much more.

    Learn more about these exciting new clubs below!  


Books Come Alive!

   Better then book club for children, books are coming alive every Monday at Little Zion Preschool.  Each month will focus on an author or type of literature such as Biographies or Laura Numeroff’s “If you Give a _____” books. 

    The children will read these stories, make crafts and projects based on what is read, and will transform the room around them to the word of fairy tales or Dr. Seuss.         

   *Kindergarteners will be introduced to beginning reading books and chapter books as a focus!   



Creative Arts

Song, dance, paint and clay—creativity should be embraced and cultivated.  This club is all about exploring the world of famous artists, different styles of dance, learning new songs and creating without boundaries. There will be projects that are created over time and new artistic mediums used in masterpiece creation.   Musicians will be invited in to play with us and teach us about their instruments.  Theater will come to life with costumes, props and more in our club. 

   *Kindergarteners will help create and direct our own play as they embrace the arts in our club. 



The World Comes Alive

Puddle Ducks Program 

   Our Puddle Duck program is so loved it will certainly continue into our new school year.  It will continue to have experiments, hands-on learning and more. 

   There was such a demand for this program that we have also created an enrichment club for your young scientist.  In this club there will be more of what you love in Puddle Ducks but extended learning experiences, with gardens and more.  

    *Kindergarteners will be creating their own science journals and experiment logs with photos. 



Engineering with Mathematics

Children are natural mathematicians.  They love to build and construct and do not even realize that math is involved.  This club will spend time using different materials to construct using mathematical terms and materials.  We will be designing with shapes, graphing results of experiments with motion and gravity as well as much more!   1, 2, 3…. Math is as easy as can be!  

  *Kindergarteners will use beginning construction tools too! 



Healthy Me in Motion

Good health habits start now!  It is time to get active, snack smart, and know how to take good care of your body.  Each month we will learn about a new sport, use cooking skills to make healthy snacks, and learn how our body works.  We will welcome in community athletes and helpers to bring the lessons we learn to life   

    *Kindergarteners will be learning more rules of sports as well as creating a special cook book.