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Connecting with Family


Partnerships with families makes the difference

At Little Zion Preschool we understand the importance of each child and their family.   We strive to create a place where all families are welcome and thrive.  We work together to help your child succeed.  Families at our school are building friendships and lasting memories!


Annual Family Picnic

At the beginning of every school year, Little Zion Preschool holds a family picnic. This is a wonderful time for children and families to see each other after summer break and to welcome and meet new friends to our school.  There is an orientation for students and their parents which helps them acclimate to the new classroom as well as providing time for each family to see what we do in class.  After all of that excitement it is time to head outside for a wonderful picnic and fun outdoors.


Barn Dance

Howdy!   This annual event is a special one for children in our Threes' program and their families.  The children learn fun line dances and create fall themed crafts to help us prepare for this fun night.  We gather together in the evening for a festive dinner and great family time.  Then it is time to kick up our heels with dancing!   It is a hoe-down to remember!


Thanksgiving Feast

There is so much to be thankful for here at Little Zion Preschool. The children in our Fours' program learn about the pilgrims and Native Americans at the first Thanksgiving.  They learn songs and create beautiful artwork to share with our families.  The Monday before Thanksgiving the children in the Fours' program invite their families to join us.  We sing our songs and then break bead together in a tremendous feast.  There couldn't be more to be thankful for.

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Christmas Celebration

There is no better time to celebrate together as a family than Christmas!  At Little Zion we have so much to celebrate.   Our Threes' program has an annual Christmas party with yummy food, a family project, story and Christmas caroling.   Our Fours' program has a very special Christmas pageant, reenacting the birth of Jesus Christ, complete with costumes and songs.  It is a performance that communicates the true meaning of Christmas and will be a cherished memory for years to come!


Art Show

The Little Zion Preschool Art show is the event of the year!   The children work all school year long to create famous pieces of art, with their own individual creativity.  They learn about various art techniques and the artists who created them and it is amazing to see.  Jackson Pollock, Monet and Renoir have nothing on us! Where do you display priceless pieces of art?  Galleries of course.  The church hall is transformed into a beautiful art gallery with a very special Parents -Only "opening night".  Parents can browse the artwork while enjoying complimentary adult beverages.  The night also features give-a-ways and plenty of opportunities for adult conversation.  Parent date night!


Sock Hop

It is time to get on our dancing shoes again!  This time it is the children in the Fours' program.  Families come dressed to impress in their best 50's get-ups and get moving from the decade that ROCKED!  It's just like the drive-in with pizza and ice cream, please no roller skates!   Start practicing your moves now!

Next Steps...

Want to see more, check out Picture Perfect Page or visit us on Facebook.  Do you think this is a place for your family?   Contact us and schedule a visit.  Come and see the Little Zion Difference!