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Connecting with Community


Connecting with our community provides endless learning opportunities for all!

Little Zion Preschool pride itself on having a unique relationship with people in our community. This relationship includes involvement in numerous charity and community events as well as inviting community leaders into our school for educational experiences.


Building a caring and community minded heart begins now

Being able to help local charities is not only important for our community but we feel it is important that each child build the knowledge that they can help others.  For years, we have been collecting baby food and clothes for Birthright.  The children made Christmas cards that were sent to local VA hospitals and retirement homes letting others know we care.  Little Zion also participates in events the Zion Luther Church hold including food drives and the annual Scarecrow Festival.  In 2016, the Scarecrow Festival raised money to create a ministry for individuals with developmental disabilities.  We are so proud that our families contributed their time and talent making the scarecrows for this festival.  All of these selfless acts promotes joy for your children and your family.

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Upcoming Visitors and Events

December~ The children are making Christmas cards for the local elementary schools, offices, and VA hospitals.


December and January:  Kids Helping Kids  ~ Little Zion Preschool  will be doing a hat, mitten, and glove collection to share with local schools and shelters who come in without them in Wallingford and North Haven.

January ~ We have made contact with the Metro-North Railroad Education department to invite them in to each our children our children out about train safety.

We have also made contact with Lyman Hall Music Department and are working with try to invite students to teach out students a little about instruments because we will be learning the letter I.  We will keep you posted.